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Dov Bikas

Dov Bikas was born in Lithuania in 1959. At the age of twelve he immigrated to Israel with his parents. Dov comes from a Zionist family. They settled in Haifa. When Dov had finished his army service, he left home and moved to Eilat, where he lived a dissolute life. At the age of 25 Dov met an evangelist of Dutch origin, John Pex, and started visiting his hostel called “The Shelter” in Eilat. John and “The Shelter” made a strong impression on Dov: he was touched by the atmosphere in the hostel and the attitude and behavior of the believers he met there. As a result of the work of God's Spirit, Dov eventually came to faith in the Messiah of Israel, Jesus.

In 1990 Dov started serving the Lord full time. He tried to reach many Russian Jewish immigrants with the Gospel. A few years later Dov married Olga. She had made Aliyah from the Ukraine and belonged to the Messianic congregation in Eilat.

In the mid 90s they moved to Beer-Sheva – the city in the middle of the Negev desert – with the vision to plant new churches for Russian Jewish immigrants in the surrounding towns. Later these small congregations were united under the name "Desert Flowers."

In 2003 Dov and Olga moved to live in the central part of Israel.  First they tried to plant a new Messianic congregation there, but then God put it on their hearts to start working in the south of Tel Aviv. There you will find many drug addicts, criminals, prostitutes and the homeless. Dov’s ministry began with distributing leaflets and Christian literature, offering Bible studies, providing meals to the homeless, etc. The ministry started growing. Since then, as a result of this outreach, many young Jewish people have found their Messiah, left their addiction to drugs and alcohol and with God's help brought their lives back in order.

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