ValerijI made a firm decision to change my life
"My name is Valerij. I was born in Ukraine to a normal family. When I was 12 years old, I began smoking marijuana, hashish, and started spending all day in the street. At the age of 15 I moved with my family to Israel. My parents thought that this move would change my harmful lifestyle, but unfortunately the situation only got worse. Here in Israel I saw such freedom in getting and using drugs that I abused them even more, starting with ecstasy, which influenced my mind in a very negative way. I then switched to heroin, which I used for 15 years. I spent 12 and a half years in jail. When I became homeless, I started coming to Aviv Center for meals and to dress my wounds. There I met my old friend Iliyah, who once was in prison with me. I had not recognized him until he showed me his old photos, where he looked just like I remembered him– a walking dead man. He began telling me about Christ – that only He can change our lives. After visiting Aviv Center for about a year and a half, I went to rehab where I stayed for two weeks and then left, thinking that this life was not for me. Soon I found myself in prison again and went through heavy withdrawals there. During this time I remembered the words I heard in rehab and cried out to God from the bottom of my heart. Eight months later, when I had been set free from prison, I made a firm decision to change my life. I went to Aviv Center and asked the volunteers to take me back into rehab. I have been in the rehab "Back to Life” (Ashkelon) for four months already and do not even think about leaving it. I help in the rehab as much as I can and sometimes go to volunteer at the Aviv Center."

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