AlexanderI'm afraid to fail, but I hope that God will help me
"My name is Alexander. In the age of 14 I moved with my family to Israel. I did not succeed in high school because of my poor knowledge of Hebrew, so I began to spend much time on the streets. My parents worked a lot, so they did not have enough time for me. When I was 15 I tried "ecstasy" and used this drug for two years, but then I got interested in sports and left "ecstasy." When I lived independently already and worked, I met a guy who lived on the street and used heroin. I began to buy and use heroin occasionally myself, not believing at first that it was harmful and that I was becoming a drug addict. I worked and lived in Petah Tikva and traveled to Tel Aviv and Lod for the drug. This went on for 15 years. One day a friend suggested that we visit "Aviv Center" in Tel Aviv, where Christians fed street people and dressed their wounds. I had festering wounds (because of drug abuse), so I went there. In "Aviv Center" I saw Elijah, a good friend of mine. I thought he was long dead. He told me what happened to him and that now he was a believer. I decided I wanted this life too and asked him to take me to a Christian rehab. I have been living in the rehab "Hazara-le Chaim" for one month already, and during this time great changes have happened. I want to stay in the rehab and become a believer. I'm afraid to fail, but I hope that God will help me. I ask everyone who will be reading my testimony to pray for me that God would give me strength. Thank you."

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