By Nina, volunteer from Ashdod

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Everyone who is involved in one way or another in a drug addict’s life asks the same question: “Is there really no hope?” A person keeps rolling down the hill towards a terrible end, refusing any help. When can a life-changing turnabout take place?

Surprisingly, for the first time I received the answer to this question... from the addicts themselves. “When you reach the end of your rope,” they say. Like in the well-known parable about the prodigal son…

So why will some grab the outstretched hand and live? Rejoicing in each new day, serving others? While others will reject, remain deaf and blind - and perish? This is not revealed to us. But God’s love keeps calling, and many do respond to this call!

By Nina, volunteer from Ashdod

Different street people come to Aviv Center. There are those we are already well acquainted with: they come to us like to old friends, waiting to hear “How are you doing today?” Others drop in for the first time and look around carefully: they have to understand what this is all about.

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Some hesitate, hiding their eyes. Yesterday a beautiful girl ran in like that. Grabbing a saucer with a slice of cucumber from the table, she sat down beside the window, with her back to everyone; huddling up, she hastily ate and ran away.

Another person tries to act cheekily to see at what point these serious guys with kind eyes are going to stop him. Interestingly, no matter how wretched the condition of a person is, having stepped into Aviv Center he starts changing right in front of our eyes. It is as if he is icing out or something... Sometimes addicts even sober up and begin to ask serious questions. Conversations on how to stop, to put an end to this destructive lifestyle are the most important ones.

For example, one man sat with us yesterday and talked about himself quite openly.

“I know myself, - he was saying, - I don’t have the strength to leave drugs. Once I stayed clean for five days. This is my greatest achievement, I cannot do better…”

“But there is God's power, - we replied, - Which can save you and help you overcome everything”.

And then one of the volunteers told him about his experience in the rehab.

“What, by prayers? Without any medicine? – the guy asked.


I hear this “Yes” very often. Our volunteers testify of God's love revealed to them. And it is impossible to object to this living testimony. If only Aviv Center’s visitors accepted it with their hearts! For from that moment God's work would begin in every one of them.

Please keep praying!

By Nina, volunteer from Ashdod

To leave the streets and go to a rehab – this is, of course, only the beginning. But it is like a new birth, when a whole new life lies ahead. And the more you observe the path of those who got saved the more you thank the Lord for His great mercy towards them.

But the street people who do not accept the helping hand or simply put the matter away “for tomorrow”, are in constant danger. That is why our volunteers come here every day. Most of them are former addicts who want to serve others because they were once saved the same way.

Each of them can say that:

Conversation on the street

- he was that guy who was dying on a dark staircase, when a woman bent over him with a cup of water, saying that Jesus loved him and was waiting for him;

- he was that guy whom believers visited in prison for a whole year, supported him and brought him the Bible;

- he was that guy in hospital for whom they prayed before operation, blessing the hands of the doctors;

- he was that guy whom they brought to their rehab, despite his huge “bouquet” of serious illnesses, and then took him to various clinics and doctors to put him back on his feet;

- it was at his bedside that the believers stood and prayed during the first most difficult days asking God that he wouldn’t give up and run away, that he would trust in the Lord....

And then… how much more was then! They translated documents, sat with him for hours at the lawyers’ office, drove him to different courts and authorities, helped him solve the problems of his debts, wrote letters, asked for deferrals and discounts. They called his relatives, saying that their son had changed, invited them to visit, helped restore broken relationships, reach reconciliation...

Yes, each of these volunteers was that guy, so none of them can rest until others are safe too in the arms of the Savior.

By Nina, volunteer from Ashdod

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The has winter arrived quickly and suddenly, as it always does in Israel. For those who live on the street, it is a difficult time. Even if they have got some kind of shelter for the night, during the day they roam the streets for hours, often sitting down right upon the pavement.

When someone cannot steal and has already got no strength to work, he just becomes a beggar. In the worst case, he falls asleep in the cold. Then he looks like a person in a coma. His legs and arms are terribly twisted and pressed down by the body, but he does not even feel that. Former street girls say you can lose your limb like that, there have been cases…

When our volunteers see such a person, they immediately approach and try to awaken him. They call him to come to Aviv Center and eat. There, while he is eating, he is warming up and can listen to us. Street people say: "It is like getting into another world".

Clothes are also important. To keep themselves warm on the street, the addicts have got only one option: to put on several layers of clothing. Their legs, of course, still freeze. In Aviv Center we give them second hand clothes, hot tea, coffee and, of course, soup. In winter we always put a plate of peeled garlic on the table; it protects against colds and flu.

When you are warm, when there is a roof over your head, when you have got enough food, you feel even more concerned about those who are now on the streets, unprotected, wandering in the dark. “Dear Lord, keep them until the morning, when the center opens again”, I pray, “Let them survive this night, because tomorrow will bring new hope. Tomorrow may become their day of salvation”.

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