In Aviv Center

Every day believing volunteers come to Aviv Center. They are from different cities, different churches, and they arrive at different times – whenever they can, because everyone has work, many have got families, and it also takes time to get from their homes to Aviv Center.

I, Nina from Ashdod, arrive on Fridays. There are always three or four of us in the team, no less. One needs to stay at Aviv Center to meet those who come in, to talk and to listen to them, to serve them a meal. Meanwhile other two or three team members go down the street, to the abandoned garages nearby, to find homeless addicts there – to bring them something to drink and to call them to come to Aviv Center to eat and dress their wounds. On the second floor there are shelves with the Bibles in different languages: Russian, English, Arabic and Amharic. I’m going down with a Bible in my hands, and suddenly one girl downstairs, very young and “on high”, sees the book and whispers: “Let me just touch it, I haven’t seen a Bible for so long!” When we have prayed with her, she takes the Bible and says: “What a great day today!” - and she thanks God “for this meeting.” And Sasha, one of our team members, turns to us and says: “It is for the sake of such moments that we come here!”

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