"What did she want to tell us?"

WhatsApp Image 2020 12 04 at 09.33.01We all have known this girl for a long time. As a rule, Camilla comes to Aviv Center in inadequate state: agitated and irritated, as if still in the middle of the quarrels and offences that fill her tough life on the street. When the Center’s volunteers try to invite her to rest and eat, she snaps at them, twists their words and runs away.

But today... Busy with the distribution of the meals, the volunteers suddenly saw Camilla right in front of the table. She was holding a large flowerpot with an indoor flower that looked like a vine.

- Here, take it, I have saved it - from there!

She was pointing at the gloomy place, not far from the Center, where brothels are located; the girls earn there money for their next dose...

The flower remains on our table. It is already watered and placed closer to the window. Dried leaves and stems are cut off. And then our girl comes back, grabs a meal and runs away. I had to catch up with her to say:

- Your flower will be taken to one of our rehab centers!

And then she turned around and in her quick and abrupt manner, smiling, said:

- Call it "Camilla"!

Please pray that just as this “saved” flower, Camilla herself will leave the streets and be saved!

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