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Statement of Faith for Our Ministry

1. We believe that the first priority of every Christian in serving His Lord and Savior is taking part in sharing the Gospel of Christ in some way or another, and that the ultimate goal of any church activity or discipleship program should be reaching out to the lost.

2. We believe that the message of salvation comes through words and deeds. There should be a healthy balance between preaching the Gospel of God’s love and showing this love in action. Charitable deeds alone, without the message of salvation, is not a real help to anyone, for they do not bear everlasting fruit.

3. We believe that Jesus reached out to the outcasts – tax collectors and prostitutes – because they were more open to the Gospel than other groups of people. Aware of their sins, they were looking for help and were ready to repent. We see the same picture today: drug addicts, prostitutes and the homeless are the most open group to the Gospel of Salvation in modern Israel.

4. That is why we believe that more effort should be made in reaching out to them, since ministering to these people is undoubtedly very close to God’s heart (“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink…” – Matthew 25:35).

5. We believe that every addict who leaves drugs for good is a walking miracle and a revelation of God’s glory, and that is why former addicts bear a very powerful testimony to their friends and relatives.

6. We believe that if former addicts are properly discipled and trained they have a great potential to become future leaders of congregations and different ministries. We have already seen this happening first hand.

7. Since our ministry is not supported by the Israeli government in any way, we believe that our ministry can grow and bear more fruit only through the help of Christians in and outside of Israel who partner with us by prayer, short term visits, financial contribution and other means of support.

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