The Lord succeeded to accomplish what nobody could!Olegs baptism1

    My name is Oleg. I am 42 years old. I was born in Russia, in the city of Birobidzhan [in Russia’s “Jewish Autonomous region”]. There were six people in our family: father, mother, three sons and one daughter. My family was trouble-free, but we were not believers. The relations between parents and children were good, the atmosphere at our home was always warm and cozy. Since childhood, I played sports and studied music, but my behavior was always bad, and I also did not study very well, but not too bad either; I graduated from ten classes and a technical school.

    When I was 15-16 years old, the street had a very big impact on me. Already at this age I was engaged in criminal activity and I fought a lot on the streets. Then my first arrests followed and my first court hearings... At 20, I immigrated to Israel. I began to abuse drugs as soon as I had arrived. A year later I got my first Israeli criminal record. I tried many times to leave crime and drugs, but nothing worked. Twelve years in jail “taught” me a lot...

    I abused drugs for twenty years, and no one could help me, not even my family members. Relationship with them always remained good, but I never told them much or asked for anything. During one of my jail times, my father and my sister died. Probably, it was then that I started thinking about God, because I could not pay them my last respects. My addiction and crimes were depriving me of everything, and I realized that, but could not do anything. Neither the tears of my relatives, nor the state rehab center could help me.

    A year and a half ago, I was released from jail once again. I had no illusions that I would not return there eventually. One day, when I was sitting and smoking drugs [in Beersheva park], a friend of mine came up to me and gave me the number of a rehab center ["Aviv" rehab in Beeseva]. I called them and came on the same day. Two months later I repented, and four months later I was baptized.

    The Lord succeeded to accomplish what nobody could. Today I am grateful to the Lord Jesus that I have something that without Him I would never have found. I serve in the Church and in the rehab center, I have got a fiancée, but most importantly – I got to know the Lord and fell in love with Him!

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