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    By Nina, volunteer from Ashdod

    On Monday nights, when Aviv Center, as always, welcomes and feeds its visitors, a separate team comes from Jerusalem specifically to walk the nearby streets. This is like an evening round in a hospital – to see the patients and find out how they are doing.

    This Monday we met Yan. He stood against a wall and, as soon as he had seen us, spoke excitedly:

    - I was in a Christian center, but left it. I thought that everything was already ok with me. But the addiction quickly returned. Knowing the Lord, I can’t stay here, please help me!

    - We have one seat in the car, come on!

    - I'll just take my bag, one moment.

    But Yan disappeared for a long time, so we had to move on. We talked and prayed with a guy who was sitting right on the sidewalk, and then went to a homeless shelter nearby. In the evenings you can always find people there. We shared about God's love and salvation and invited them to Aviv Center.

    Finishing the round, we unexpectedly met Ella, the mother of an addict whom we helped once. She said that her son had been clean for eight months already.

    - How can I help him stay that way?

    - Only the Lord can help, tell him to turn to Christ. We will pray for him. And you need God just as much!

    Ella thanked us and promised to keep in touch. The round was over. It was time to go home - with Yan who showed up just in time! And we already though he had changed his mind… Pray for him – and for another guy, Sasha, who was taken to a rehab this week for the seventh (!) time. Previous falls and failures greatly undermine the hope of such rehabilitants for deliverance. But nothing is impossible for our God!

    Woman wall

    Ora came with her head bowed, embarrassed to look into our eyes. She quietly shared that more than anything else she dreamed about having a baby, but this will never happen in her street life. We turned on a song about a woman forgiven by Christ (“She was a sinner... I forgave her, now she is a saint...”). Ora listened, hanging on every word. The song touched her and gave her hope.

    “Do you want to take a Bible?”

    She pointed to a large old bag on her shoulder:

    “Here are all my belongings, I have to carry them all the time.”

    “And if we find a small and light book?”

    “I will take the Bible in any case!” Ora said firmly and smiled openly for the first time.

    Please pray for Ora.

    In Aviv Center

    One of our volunteers, Leonid, shared what happened once during his shift in Aviv Center.

    His group was feeding the visitors, as usual. Then Leonid sat down with them and tried to preach (sadly, due to the effects of drugs, it is difficult for many visitors to focus on the Word). He took the topic of prayer.

    “I look around,” says Leonid, “and see that nobody is listening to me. Well, not even one! Should I stop? But something in me prompts: ‘Speak!’ And I kept talking on how important prayer is for us, for our relationship with the Lord... And again, I see the same: no one is listening. And I am still urged – ‘Continue! So I did...

    And suddenly a guy’s head rises from the table (I thought he was fast asleep beside his plate) and I hear:

    ‘Leonid, I am actually listening to you...’

    ‘Thank God!’ I said. ‘One person has heard me.’

    And from that day on, the visitors themselves have been asking: ‘Will we have a Bible lesson today?’”

    Let us pray that the Lord would give us boldness in the most hopeless (in our opinion) circumstances to share His Word!

    By Nina, volunteer from Ashdod

    IMG 20200130 WA0021a

    Everyone who is involved in one way or another in a drug addict’s life asks the same question: “Is there really no hope?” A person keeps rolling down the hill towards a terrible end, refusing any help. When can a life-changing turnabout take place?

    Surprisingly, for the first time I received the answer to this question... from the addicts themselves. “When you reach the end of your rope,” they say. Like in the well-known parable about the prodigal son…

    So why will some grab the outstretched hand and live? Rejoicing in each new day, serving others? While others will reject, remain deaf and blind - and perish? This is not revealed to us. But God’s love keeps calling, and many do respond to this call!

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