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We are a social ministry, working since 2005 in south Tel-Aviv and helping street addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes meet their basic needs like food and clothes. Our main purpose, however, is to help these people get fully restored, return to normal life and to their families, become a blessing to others and bring good fruit. We know that only the Lord Jesus can really make all these changes in their lives. That is why in our day center in Tel-Aviv we actively preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who came to this earth to save sinners – including those who seemed totally hopeless.

Aviv Center is open 6 days a week and hundreds of addicts pass through it every month. Those men and women who want to get rid of their addictions for good are sent to Christian rehabs. In the short video on this page you can see the streets we are working on, Aviv Center in Tel Aviv and our rehabilitation center for men in Beer-Sheva that was opened in 2013. We see that many of the rehabilitants not only leave drugs and fully restore their lives, but also start serving others. Most of Aviv Center volunteers are ex-addicts who return to their former companions in distress in order to help them get saved and find peace with God.

To Him only are all the honor, glory and praise!

'The Last Stop'

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