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    "They are so different… And all need prayer!"

    By Nina, volunteer from Ashdod

    Different street people come to Aviv Center. There are those we are already well acquainted with: they come to us like to old friends, waiting to hear “How are you doing today?” Others drop in for the first time and look around carefully: they have to understand what this is all about.

    Field stories1

    Some hesitate, hiding their eyes. Yesterday a beautiful girl ran in like that. Grabbing a saucer with a slice of cucumber from the table, she sat down beside the window, with her back to everyone; huddling up, she hastily ate and ran away.

    Another person tries to act cheekily to see at what point these serious guys with kind eyes are going to stop him. Interestingly, no matter how wretched the condition of a person is, having stepped into Aviv Center he starts changing right in front of our eyes. It is as if he is icing out or something... Sometimes addicts even sober up and begin to ask serious questions. Conversations on how to stop, to put an end to this destructive lifestyle are the most important ones.

    For example, one man sat with us yesterday and talked about himself quite openly.

    “I know myself, - he was saying, - I don’t have the strength to leave drugs. Once I stayed clean for five days. This is my greatest achievement, I cannot do better…”

    “But there is God's power, - we replied, - Which can save you and help you overcome everything”.

    And then one of the volunteers told him about his experience in the rehab.

    “What, by prayers? Without any medicine? – the guy asked.


    I hear this “Yes” very often. Our volunteers testify of God's love revealed to them. And it is impossible to object to this living testimony. If only Aviv Center’s visitors accepted it with their hearts! For from that moment God's work would begin in every one of them.

    Please keep praying!

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