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    "He was that guy..."

    By Nina, volunteer from Ashdod

    To leave the streets and go to a rehab – this is, of course, only the beginning. But it is like a new birth, when a whole new life lies ahead. And the more you observe the path of those who got saved the more you thank the Lord for His great mercy towards them.

    But the street people who do not accept the helping hand or simply put the matter away “for tomorrow”, are in constant danger. That is why our volunteers come here every day. Most of them are former addicts who want to serve others because they were once saved the same way.

    Each of them can say that:

    Conversation on the street

    - he was that guy who was dying on a dark staircase, when a woman bent over him with a cup of water, saying that Jesus loved him and was waiting for him;

    - he was that guy whom believers visited in prison for a whole year, supported him and brought him the Bible;

    - he was that guy in hospital for whom they prayed before operation, blessing the hands of the doctors;

    - he was that guy whom they brought to their rehab, despite his huge “bouquet” of serious illnesses, and then took him to various clinics and doctors to put him back on his feet;

    - it was at his bedside that the believers stood and prayed during the first most difficult days asking God that he wouldn’t give up and run away, that he would trust in the Lord....

    And then… how much more was then! They translated documents, sat with him for hours at the lawyers’ office, drove him to different courts and authorities, helped him solve the problems of his debts, wrote letters, asked for deferrals and discounts. They called his relatives, saying that their son had changed, invited them to visit, helped restore broken relationships, reach reconciliation...

    Yes, each of these volunteers was that guy, so none of them can rest until others are safe too in the arms of the Savior.

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